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      How to be a good student?英文演講稿



      關于毅力的英語演講稿 (一):The power of perseverance Dear friends: If you can dream it, you can do it.——Walt Disney It was a long four years. Even after I ha...[查看詳細]


      大學三分鐘英語演講稿(一) Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen! I’m very honored to stand here and give you a short speech! To begin with ,I want to ask a ques...[查看詳細]


      成功與失敗英語演講稿(一) Failure is what often happens.it is everywhere in your life.students may fail in exams, science may fail in their researchwork,and athletes ma...[查看詳細]


      【第1篇】奧巴馬競選總統演講稿 Hello, Chicago! 芝加哥,你好! If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who...[查看詳細]


      關于體育的英語演講稿(一) Embracing the World, Embracing sports Good afternoon honorable judges and beloved friends. My topic today is "Embracing the World, Embracing ...[查看詳細]


      英語企業文化演講稿(一) Young man should have a great ambition and be quick in action 鴻于志,敏于行 選手:xx Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! 女士們,先生們,下午好! M...[查看詳細]


      今天查字典范文網為大家準備了最新勵志英語演講稿優秀篇集錦薦讀,詳情介紹如下,希望內容對您有所幫助。【篇一】Saying goodbye to chi...[查看詳細]


      今天查字典范文網為大家準備了2016年兩分鐘勵志英語演講稿模板精編欣賞,詳情介紹如下,希望內容對您有所幫助。【范文一】As you slowly...[查看詳細]

      What is the best subject in th

      What is the best subject in the university演講稿 Hello everybody,good afternoon. I know you're in High school and you will be faced with the choice of University majors...[查看詳細]

      英語演講稿:The story with me and En

      ? “And what about this one”? She pointed to “K”---“R”! I answered. “Are you sure?”---“Yep, mummy, They are the same!” I said confidently! My mom shook her head with an upset face. She was so disappointed wi[查看詳細]


      The story with English and me Hello everyone,it is glad to meet you,my name is Nong Yanxing,you can also call me Virita, It’s my English name. I am a Howell Scho...[查看詳細]


      珍惜時間 Making Good Use Of Time 四—五年級 Goodmorning/afternoon,everybody!A famous American poet says , "Life is short, study is long." Everyone should work hard and stu...[查看詳細]


      ? ? “21世紀·愛立信杯”全國英語演講比賽冠軍得主的演講稿: ? ?TomeMarch28thwasaluckyday.ItwasonthatparticulareveningthatIfoundmyselfatcentralstage,inthespotlight.Winningthe"21stCentury·Eri...[查看詳細]


      Ladies and Gentlemen , Good afternoon! I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. today my topic is “youth”. I hope you will like it , and found t...[查看詳細]