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      AbstractA famous man has once said that women hold half the sky. A wise writer has said that half the man is a woman. In fact, women are just like the deep-hidden treasure which has not been explored completely. It is n[查看詳細]


      AbstractCaddy was the central character in The Sound and the Fury. There was no separate chapter to express her thoughts, but everything was connected with her. From Benjy to Jason, the narration of each of them reflect[查看詳細]


      AbstractThe Joy Luck Club is the first novel of Amy Tan,a famous Chinese-American writer. In the novel she mainly describes the relationship between the Joy Luck Club mothers and their daughters and cultural conflicts.[查看詳細]


      AbstractThere are many domains research about romanticism. Whereas, the research about British positive romanticism is little. The positive romanticism has its remarkable characteristics in the various countries. The En[查看詳細]


      Abstract Key WordsGatsby; the American dream; tragedy; personification摘 要《了不起的蓋茨比》是20 世紀20 年代美國著名作家菲茨杰拉德的一部反映美國夢破滅的小說,也是一則被賦予了深刻含義,充滿譬喻和警句的語言。本文從蓋茨比[查看詳細]


      AbstractEmerson, Ralph Waldo is an outstanding American writer in the nineteenth century. His work Self-Reliance is an important and influential work which encourages a man to be confident and independent. Through the a[查看詳細]


      AbstractIn all ages, love is an eternal subject. The research on it has never ended. As for the definition of love, everyone has his understanding. Someone thinks it is a hope on internal spirit, while others think it i[查看詳細]


      AbstractThrough ages, human beings have always been in pursuit of the perfection of everything. Not all things, however, are perfect in the world. Both Hemingway and Santiago, the hero in his famous work The Old Man and[查看詳細]


      AbstractThe Old Man and the Sea, praised by a famous writer as “the most excellent simple article in this generation”, is a masterpiece of the unyielding man—Hemingway. But with regard to the symbolism, it has been t[查看詳細]


      AbstractBeing distinguished from many great American writers, Hemingway is famous for his unique writing style. He changes the traditional literary works from tedious style into a kind of concise “telegraph style”. As[查看詳細]


      AbstractTess of D’Uberville, is a famous work of Thomas Hardy. This work describes the tragedy of Tess. Tess’ tragedy coagulates with much more different color of the society and person. It destroys this daughter who [查看詳細]


      AbstractAt the time of his death, Fitzgerald was considered as a failed literary hope, a writer victimized by his own indulgences. But since 1940s his literary reputation has steadily risen. Today he is judged to be one[查看詳細]


      AbstractGrandet is the background of this thesis. From analysis of the major role in Eugenie Grandet-Grandet, this thesis introduces Americans’ outlook on money. It points out Grandet reflects the phenomenon in America[查看詳細]